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RDF Triple-Checker

Loaded 103 triples


NamespaceLooks Legit? common namespace. Prefix dcterms similar to <> .. possible typo? [diff=6] common namespace. Prefix rdf common namespace. Prefix rdfs common namespace. Prefix owl


CountTypeNamespaceTermLooks Legit?
1property - Looks good.
1property - Looks good.
1property - Namespace not loaded
17property - Looks good.
14class - Looks good.
17property - Looks good.
20property - Looks good.
2class - Looks good.
16property - Looks good.
16property - Looks good.
14property - Looks good.
1class - Looks good.

triple-checker is powered by Graphite ARC2 and hosted by ECS at the University of Southampton.

<> foaf:maker <> .
<> foaf:name "Christopher Gutteridge" .
<> rdfs:seeAlso <> .