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RDF Triple-Checker

Loaded 5472 triples


NamespaceLooks Legit? match to common namespaces match to common namespaces common namespace. Prefix dc common namespace. Prefix rdf common namespace. Prefix rdfs common namespace. Prefix skos common namespace. Prefix foaf


CountTypeNamespaceTermLooks Legit?
714property - Namespace not loaded
701property - Namespace not loaded
137property - Namespace not loaded
57property - Namespace not loaded
160property - Namespace not loaded
551property - Namespace not loaded
424property - Namespace not loaded
151property - Namespace not loaded
479property - Namespace not loaded
1property - Looks good.
159class - Looks good.
161property - Looks good.
160property - Looks good.
689property - Looks good.
152property - Looks good.
232property - Looks good.
1property - Looks good.
665property - Looks good.
25property - Looks good.
9property - Looks good.
2class - Looks good.
2property - Looks good.
1property - Looks good.

triple-checker is powered by Graphite ARC2 and hosted by ECS at the University of Southampton.

<> foaf:maker <> .
<> foaf:name "Christopher Gutteridge" .
<> rdfs:seeAlso <> .